Lonely Road

Paul McCartney

The opening track of Paul McCartney's 2001 album Driving Rain. The song was actually debuted during the October 20, 2001 Concert For New York City. It starts out with a bass line, and then eventually turns into a driving rock song, clocking in at 3 minutes 16 seconds. It is pretty good. Not the best on the album, but pretty good.

The recording info (from the liner notes): Recorded on February 16, 2001 onto 16-track analogue tape, then loaded into Logic audio for overdubs. Paul played Hofner bass and sang a live vocal some of which was used then overdubbed Martin acoustic, Epiphone electric guitar and another vocal. Abe played drums and overdubbed tambourine. Rusty played Gibson SG electric guitar, then overdubbed Pedal steel guitar and Gibson acoustic guitar, Gabe played Wurlitzer electric piano. David overdubbed Roland Organ.

I tried to get over you
I tried to find something new
But all I could ever do
Was fill, my time
With thoughts, of you

I tried to go somewhere old
To search for my pot of gold
But all I could ever hold
Inside, my mind
Were thoughts, of you

I hear your music
And it's driving me wild
Familiar rhythms
In a different style
I hear your music
And it's driving me wild again

Don't want to let you take me down
Don't want to get hurt second time around
Don't want to walk that lonely road again


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