1995 comedy about an independent film director and the troubles of production. Steve Buscemi plays Nick Reve, the director, easily my favorite role he has played. The movie darts in and out of dream sequences while showing the hardships of making the film. James LeGros (Drugstore Cowboy) plays Chad Palomino, a big-time actor Reve gets to act in his flick. The movie displays everybody's thoughts and ideas in a day of shooting a movie. Palomino reaches the set to have his ass kissed by everyone in the film, but the movie star attitude wears thin as the day goes on.

Although not viewed by many, Living in Oblivion is a smart, hilarious film. Broken relationships, runaway parents, and overall dismay maintain the funny atmosphere throughout. The funniest part occurs as everything falls apart, a midget named Tito (Peter Dinklage) storms offstage due to the relation between weird dreams and midgets. Inter-cast relationships play a hilarious part of the crews attitude toward each other. If you like movies, the lingo, sounds issues, cinematography disputes, and crew mishaps will bust your gut.

"This must be a dream. There's a fucking dwarf in it!" — Tito

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