The Living City was a high fantasy Dungeons and Dragons campaign operated by the RPGA and set in Forgotten Realms. Action was based in the areas of Ravens Bluff and Procampur.

Like most of the other RPGA campaigns, Living City (or "LC") events were popular at gaming conventions because of the portable nature of the characters (LC rules allowed gamers to play the same character in nearly any Living City event). The dark side of this is that LC became known as a "collectible cert game".

Another problem with the campaign was highlighted upon its conversion to 3rd Edition D&D. The conversion process was originally going to take a year and culminate at Gen Con 2001 however it was sped up greatly to accomodate the demands of WotC's marketing department. The resulting train wreck caused many gamers to abandon the campaign (often for Living Greyhawk) and in some cases leave the RPGA entirely.

When the campaign was taken over by Ryan Dancey's company (OrganizedPlay) module fees were shifted from the event organizers to the players and another exodus was seen. Previous to this change of ownership a judge or organizer could "rent" a module and run it (more or less) as many times as he wanted for no additional charge.

As of January 1, 2004 OrganizedPlay discontinued their support of Living City and returned the campaign to WotC. From the press release announcing this:

The number of sites running Living City has declined dramatically, as have the number of active Judges. Meanwhile, other Living Campaigns, notably Living Greyhawk, have been growing at a rapid pace and now are substantially larger than Living City was, even at its peak.

The press release also gives a final "fuck you" to all the die hard LC players:

Some of you have Living City memberships that extend beyond the end of 2003. OrganizedPlay has decided not to issue prorated refunds for these memberships. Instead, we are working on an all new campaign that will be published using the Open Gaming License and the d20 System Trademark License, and supported by a 3rd party publisher. We intend to grandfather all active Living City members into the new campaign and when we have finished arranging the terms of its publication and support, we'll be contacting all the affected individuals directly.

"Gee, thanks Mr. Dancey. You just flushed our old campaign down the toilet; We would love to invest in whatever you come up with next!"

WotC's plans for Living City are currently unknown.

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