While the RC Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral is a splendid building, it just pales in comparison with Liverpool's other cathedral, Liverpool Cathedral.

From the outside, this building is designed to look like the biblical crown of thorns, but though if you knew already you would see the resemblance, you would not be able to work it out from looking at the building. Located near Liverpool's university district and a short walk from the Anglican Cathedral, it is much less obtrusive than its larger counterpart.

On the inside, the main feature is the lack of lighting and the proliferation of stained glass. It is designed so that only a small amount of lighting is necessary to keep the place bright.

Apart from these it is a rather standard cathedral, and is much less impressive than the Liverpool skyline's other main features: Liverpool Cathedral, St John's Tower, and the Royal Liver Buildings.

Due to the large numbers of Irish people among the Catholic population of Liverpool, this building is also known jokingly as Paddy's Wigwam. In fairness, it does look like a wigwam or teepee. I much prefer Liverpool Cathedral, but the two buildings together do add a very pleasing variety to the skyline.

Hmm. This got downvoted. I'd like to distance myself from the racist slur contained in the information I noded. It wasn't my idea - why should factual writeups suffer?

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