Lisle Street is a street in London. It runs parallel to, and is one block south of, Gerrard Street (the centre of London's Chinatown - Lisle Street is technically also part of Chinatown, although it isn't as impressive to look at). It is a ten-second walk from Leicester Square and can easily be reached from Leicester Square Station on the Northern Line and Piccadilly Circus Station on the Bakerloo Line - both stations are also on the Piccadilly Line.

Dotted along Lisle Street are a bunch of excellent Chinese Restaurants and the Prince Charles Cinema, which, apart from showing the latest art-house hits, also frequently hosts singalong sessions of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' and 'The Sound of Music'. It's quite a seedy street, too - there are numerous doors with 'young busty model' written on flourescent pieces of card next to them.

As of mid-2001, a two-bedroom apartment along Lisle Street will cost you no less than £350,000, which is roughly $500,000. It would be higher, but for the fact that Lisle Street is very noisy - furthermore, it has a distinctive smell of delicious Chinese food which would presumably lose its allure if you had to live there.

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