A computer game (for MS-DOS), released in 1997 by Patrick Aalto (Finland). It was distributed as Shareware by Epic Megagames.

In the game you control Cobra ships around in a very Elite-style space area (obviously the game was very Elite-influenced), - except that everything is Gouraud-shaded. Considering the machine power and graphics capabilities of the day, LW2 looked pretty amazing. The game also included MOD tracker music from U4ia.

You could shoot asteroids, escort ships, shoot space pirates, and things like that. You cluld control one ship at time (and teleport to the cockpit of any other ship on your side). Ships used missiles (good, but limited amount) and laser.

Networking and modem game was also supported!

I remember the first time I played this game's demo version (the final version of the game wasn't released yet). The first PC game ever that I have used a sound card with - I used the modplay 4-channel DAC (the game listed this as Covox). U4ia's "Don't say goodbye" is thus one of my Legendary Game Soundtracks =)

The game is still available from Epic, and through the author's home page: http://www.co.jyu.fi/~ap/lw2.html

(Original LineWars was similar, but required EGA, and didn't work with (S)VGA cards, so I haven't played it...)

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