A guitar preamp/processor. The nifty thing about the POD is that aside from having the effects that everyone wants, it allows you to emulate different amp models. These are handy if you have a solid state amp and can't afford an expensive tube amp. This is a good tool to have for home playing and recording, but unless you have a foot pedal(sold separately), I wouldn't recommend buying this for live playing.

Amp models:
Modern Class A, Brit Class A, Brit Blues, Brit Classic, Brit Hi Gain, Rectified, Modern Higain, Fuzz Box, Tube Preamp, POD Clean, POD Crunch, POD Drive, POD Layer, Small Tweed, Tweed Blues, and Black Panel.

Delay, Rotary, Flanger(1 and 2), Chorus(1 and 2), Tremelo, Compressor, Delay/Swell, Delay/Flanger(1 and 2), Delay/Chorus(1 and 2), Delay/Tremelo, and Delay/Compressor.

Included, as well is the standard 3 band EQ, Reverb, and Drive. There are two 1/4 inch outputs as well as MIDI in and MIDI out.

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