So called because it is a Tribunal of inquiry into the infection of those suffering from haemophilia in Ireland being chaired by Circuit Court Judge Alison Lindsay.

There have been many people in Ireland infected with both H.I.V and Hepititis A, B and C from blood products provided to haemophiliacs in the last 3 decades.
Of the estimated 400 haemophilia sufferers in Ireland, 210 were infected with hepatitis C between the mid-1970s and 1990. During the 1980s, 103 people were infected with the HIV virus.
Also infected were people given blood transfusions during surgery and medical procedures during the same period.
All of these products were produced by the the Blood Transfusion Service Board (B.T.S.B).
Many of those infected over the years have died as a result while the Irish Government dithered over whether they would provide compensation.
A modern scandal and another example of cases where no-one will be held responsible for organisational or corporate negligence which results in the deaths of people.

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