LightScribe is a radical new labeling technology for private and small-scale CD and DVD labeling that delivers very professional-looking results without having to use labels, stickers, or markers.

LightScribe works by using the disc recorder's laser to not only burn the data on the disc, but the label as well. The process requires specially-coated disks with a dye coating, but the additional cost is minimal. After one creates the data disk and designs a label, the disk is flipped over and the label is burned in. Any graphics or text can be created, but the image is only in grayscale (for now).

The label is permanent once the dye has been fixed by the laser, and as the image does not require a label or any material added to the disc, does not affect the spin or balance of the disc. Lightscribe readers can also detect whether or not a disc is in label-side-down or not, preventing any damage to the data side of the disc.

LightScribe is a registered trademark as well as a standard, so any disc or writer with its logo (The word LightScribe with stylized disc arcs above and below) can create labeled discs.

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