Liggett is a brand of low priced cigarettes. They retail from 99 cents to 1.29 a pack in places with low cigarette taxes, in other places they can be much more expensive. There are 4 varieties Kings, Lights, Menthol, and Menthol Lights.

They are produced by the Liggett Group Inc. out of Durham NC.

These are decent as far as cheap cigarettes go, they are no Marlboro, but they don't make you sick either, at least not any sicker than other cigarettes do. The best thing about this brand is that a carton of them is still only priced at $10.99 USD at my local shop, which is about all I can afford.

I was never able to find them anywhere other than a few choice places, basically they seem to only be available at Phillips 66 gas stations, and specialty cigarette shops. I gave up smoking a long time ago, but this brand still seems to be around and still seems to be cheaply priced.

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