It is fundamental that a degree of control be maintained that allows a level of security within my surround, but when this fundamentally required control manifests compulsively the observable result is neurosis; increasingly incapable of creative intelligence. As countries, cultures or societies, our individual control neuroses are projected as mass psychosis. Mass murder or genocide are acts few can contemplate and yet are commonly carried out by groups of individuals that cannot contemplate such acts.

Obviously our collective fear, due to my fear of non-acceptance within the group, and group fear of non-acceptance within the meta-group, is greater than the sum of its' parts. This inevitably strengthens the process of centralization of power with the eventual result being either hegemony or disintegration. Hitler, Stalin and the others of this ilk are not freaks or in any way out of context. The intentions of those elected, or the leaders of a popular revolution, are almost without exception honorable, though entirely void of sane understanding. Once the cape of control is donned the shield of denial must surely be raised.

The re-solution has been perennially available to individuals within our species, but whenever translated into a cultural paradigm (ie. religion) the insight is transmuted to personal powermongering (ie. politics) and mass ideological enslavement. The servitude that most of us willingly partake is insideously corrupt in its manifestation; and remarkably resistant to expurgation due to the power of the common cultural concensus. Thus I serve, and suffer; and frequently go crazy because I don't feel the way I'm supposed to feel. More often than not however I end up living that oft quoted life of quiet desperation with no percieved means of escape, except of course to join the fray and play to win. The consequences of this corruption are immesurable, but starkly illustrate our utter moral turpitude.

This is effected in every aspect of our planets' existence, affecting atmosphere, oceans, land, and all life contained. While we are co-dependant with all other species, our influence on the planetary dynamic is not only inordinate but gross. The greater the control we try to effect the more dramatically negative the affect. Our use of the practical sciences,which are linear and mechanistic by intent, to create local and personal living environments is noble; but the extrapolation of these to a level beyond their competence, which is small indeed, is unaccountable.

Indeed the only way to account for this explicate demigogery is implicate dis-order. We are fundementally out of order, individually and therefore collectively, and so most of what we do contains much grandiosity and effort, but little intelligence. Can I feel this; as I would feel the loss of a spouse? of a child? The loss of my insight is surely the loss of my embeddedness; the separation is complete.

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