What we can see of life is like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, with one major difference from the classical jigsaw puzzles: we can't see the entire picture. It is this picture that we guess at and try to make sense of through the pieces of the puzzle we have access to.

Sometimes, we place a piece of a puzzle in the wrong space. It is easy to do, misunderstanding an action or intent we place it in the wrong spot and it forms the wrong picture. Other times, we get the wrong pieces. Because we do not have complete access to the puzzle or its pieces we cannot be sure that everything we are told is an accurate piece of the puzzle.

We try to form the picture into something that we believe we can understand. Wrong and misplaced pieces are just so attractive at times and they fit so cleanly in our world view. Yet, we only have glimpses at the puzzle of our lives.

Thus, with each piece and placement, we should endeavor to make sure that it is placed in the correct spot, linking it correctly to the other information that we have. Likewise, each piece of information about the puzzle should be looked at with a critical eye, and its accuracy verified. Do not jump to conclusions, for then create a puzzle that fits what we believe, and not what is actually there.

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