A Life Enhancing Device (LED) is any device, item or object that adds value to a person's life, enhances their life or augments it in some way.

Life Enhancing Devices can act as amplifiers to magnify a person's state, can work to increase their life-span or augment their range of experience, influence or connectivity.

I originally coined the term many years ago, when I was asked why I loved motorbikes so much, and I answered flippantly, 'cause they are life enhancing devices' :)

When I heard myself say that, I thought "yes, what a cool concept, LED - Life Enhancing Devices" and that started me down the track of thinking about and exploring the whole notion of Life Enhancing and what its structure and process is, and how we can add value to our lives and enhance them beyond living a mere mundane, mediocre, 'normal' life.

Some examples of LED's are: Brainwave Entrainment Mind-Machines, emWave Heartmath Biofeedback devices, Web enabled devices, MP3 players, Mobile Phones, Motorbikes etc.

See the blog Life Enhancing for more ideas and examples.

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