Better than Harvey's better than McDonald's, better than Burger King and Wendy's, LICK'S has been around for twenty years! If you want to have a REAL BEEF burger, Nature burger or any other, Lick's is the place to go! Located n Toronto, Ottawa and Kingston (I think Hamilton too, right?), you get MORE ingredient choices:

Alfalfa sprouts
Bacon bits
Barbecue sauce
Regular condiments
..and some others I don't recall..

If you haven't tried LICK'S burgers and shakes, then you're missing out on life!
Lick's is also home to fantastic ice cream parlours, so you can top your meal off with something cool and sweet.

The unique experience of eating at Lick's comes partially with hearing the staff sing out your order when they relay it back to the kitchen. When you order a hot dog, you get a Hot Diggidy Dog. Onion Rings give you Ring-a-ding dings.

This supposedly promotes teamwork and fosters fun within the workplace for the employees, but I don't think I'd want to be humiliated while earning minimum wage. I feel bad when I eat there.

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