The following license plates which have been seen throughout various episodes of the Simpsons will have in some cases very obvious meanings, and in others much more cryptic meanings. Some appear to be dates, some appear meaningless, and generally we all have our theories :) If you come up with what you think might be a legitimate meaning, you can e-mail The Simpsons Archive at

The Simpsons' vehicle:

Homer's car: SIMPS.. (partially blocked)
Homer's car: 795 DVI
Marge's car: KYI 830
Homer's new car: KL5-311
Marge's Canyonero: UMM02
Homer's car: 3FJP24 (pulling 'art' work)
Homer's car: I GRIFT

Other vehicles:

Mr. Burns' Volkswagen: LUVI
Bloodmobile: PLASMA1
Vanity plates at SNPP parking lot: Krusty's pink convertible: KRUSTY
Quimby's vehicle: I RULE U
Snake's car: EX CON
The Twirl King yo-yo van: YO-YO
Krusty's Limo: KRUSTY9
Sideshow Bob & Selma's honeymoon car: IH8 BART
Ambulance: SLIP
Ned's car: JHN 143 (John 1:43)
Ms. Hoover's car: 012111
Lenny's vehicle: 829 EAG
car in lot of nuclear plant: 3MI ISL (3 Mile Island)
Hitler's Mercedes Benz: ADOLF1
Police Car: AL 21 (that Marge trains in)
Lionel Hutz's white Bronco: NOT OJ
President Ford's limo: MR DUH
Airport shuttle: 600ZP
German baron's car: AJ 72695 and a "D" oval sticker.
Li'l Lugger: 3F23 (P-code)
Snake's Lil Bandit: GR8 68 (Great '68)
Lawyers' fire trucks: SPLT
Hippies' Saturn: 34429
Comic Book Guy's car: NCC 1701 (Star Trek)
AABF23 Batmobile: 2F-5367 BABF17 Vanity plates at mafia summit:

Off-the-car license plates:
in Flanders' rumpus room: 050768
Sideshow Bob's creations:

on Moe's walls:
  • Massachusetts 050-768
  • Massachusetts 051-868
  • New Hampshire 100-767 (changes to 100-761 later in scene)
  • Massachusetts 418-(obscured)
  • 03454
  • 855301 (changes to 85535E in later scene)
  • 05768 (changes to PT1695 in later scene)
  • 051-868
  • Virginia TEW-1
In Bart's booty: 247BEF
In Flanders' Rumpus room: 091-695

Faux license plates:
License plate rack: Barclay, Barry, Bert, Bort
License plate illustrated on side of security consultant's van: EX-CON

Attempts at license plates:
Marge attempts to get vanity plates Marge, Marjorie or Mitzi at the DMV but they're all already taken.

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