Libertarias is a Spanish historical drama, written and directed by Vicente Aranda in 1996 in Spain, and in 2004 internationally. It shows some episodes of the Spanish Revolution and Spanish Civil War, focusing on a group of women in an anarchist militia. It shows the ethos of the times, the dark rage and the cheering hope. Being historical, it also shows how this hope was both betrayed from within and defeated from outside.

It does a good work in recovering the memory of the role of the CNT and the social revolution during the Civil War, something probably much needed in Spain, where this episodes are quite unknown for many. A related film is Tierra y Libertad; for more about Durruti, the CNT and the Spanish Revolution there is a wonderful book (historical and enlightening yet easy to read): El corto verano de la anarquía.

On a side note, probably the majority of the people which say "I'm libertarian" in the USA don't mean this kind of libertarianism which did not consider property as a right but as a theft.

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