Located in Portland, Oregon. Lewis and Clark Law School was originally known as Northwestern College of Law, founded in 1884, law school merged with Lewis and Clark in 1965 and was renamed to Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College. Now it is simply known as Lewis and Clark Law school.

The law school first began to get major attention in the 1970's when it began to emerge as nationally respected law school. Now it is a well known Law School in the Pacific Northwest and has the second largest law library in the region.

There are approximately 700 students enrolled at the Lewis and Clark Law School distributed between their day and evening classes. 17% of the students are minorities, 54% are women, and 61% are from out of state. The median GPA and LSAT scores are 3.43 and 160 respectively.

Upon graduation a large percentage of students find work fairly quickly. In fact, 91% of the graduating class of 2001 found work within 6 months.

Lewis & Clark Law School
10015 S.W. Terwilliger Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97219

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