Leverpostej (Liver-paté) is a traditional Danish spread that is eaten in immense amounts. The main two brands are Steff & Houlberg and Stryhn, but both products are mass-produced and nothing like the real thing. If you cannot afford the time to make it yourself, at least buy it at the local butcher.

Recipe A:

Wash the liver, and remove the larger veins. Run the liver, fat and onion through a meatgrinder 2-5 times, depending on preference. Mix the other ingredients and put the result in a buttered tin, which is baked for 45 minutes at 180°C.

Recipe B:

Start as recipe A. Put the milk to a slow boil, and add the flour and butter while stirring, to create a sauce. Mix the sauce with the liver, while still heating it, until it changes color. Put in the egg and spices and bake as recipe A.

Both leverpostejs are good, especially if served warm with champignons or sliced bacon. Goes well with both franskbrød and surdejsrugbrød. liveforever reminds me that when served cold, it goes well with slices of cucumber on top.

Audited May 19, 2002

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