Traditionally, in newspapers and other periodic publications, letters to the editors of such were opinionated responses to recent occurences reported in said publications, announcements or appeals delivered with multiple signatures of support, witty quips of frivolity by pseudonymous sophomores, and sometimes manifestoes from malevolent murderers.

Two-way communication between the policy makers of Everything2 and other users of this site has been a largely hazy area in the past decade, despite several earnest steps by the former to provide a platform for dialogue. 'Letters to the Editors' was one such initiative to establish what really concerned users at the time, revived twice in the past half-decade.

Below is an overview of these letters. What seems to be the most successful way on the site to instigate discussion, however, appears to be calls from an administrator on e2 via an Editor Log, requesting feedback on a certain day in a day log (example).

Letters to the Editors, 2006

In July of this year, borgo (from the Belly of EDB) wrote an invitation to all users to write to the editors via a Gmail account. As far as I am aware, the letter in the next entry is the only letter in the 'nodegel', although other letters may have been discussed privately between the admin.

July, 2006

This was a 'letter' sent by dannye (from The Porch c/o The Lawn) and paraclete (123 Candystriper Lane) and addressed in full by then 'Editor-in-chief' Lord Brawl with input from other site administrators like Nate and dann. It covers concerns about a declining userbase and considers continued time-outs and server errors to be greatly contributing to this. (Subsequently removed from the site, Oct 2012)

May, 2009

As discussed by alex here, and also announced in this document, an open invitation was made to write 'Letters' in relatively titled nodes, opening up a specific place to 'node about noding'.

In the May node you will find: sam512 (from Tomorrowland) expressing irritation with the phrase 'This place needs more content...'. GhettoAardvark (between Slum and Anthill, Metropolis) and Auduster (via Vesuvius) taking umbrage to a decision to remove 'downvoting', which was subsequently addressed by Swap (Location Unknown) (and FYI, currently one can switch votes up or down as many times as you'd like, at the cost of a vote).

June, 2009

artman2003 (corner of 8 & Hashberry) says comment threads are the solution to all of e2's ills. Auduster believes a refocus on an author's body of work is the solution.

January, 2010

gnarl (The Street in The Town) raises concerns regarding voting threshold filters. OldMiner, (30th Sub-basement, Left Passageway) thinks e2 is hunky-dory. Skunko (Evergreen Terrace, Springfield) raises concerns regarding underlining links.

February, 2010

sam512 (recently relocated to the Day before Tomorrowland) notes that there is public access to the e2 chatterbox.

June, 2010

OldMiner and Tem42 (42 42nd Street) support short writeups.

October 2011

Auspice (of Some Variation of Saint Paul) makes the clarion call to other editors to be more visible to the noding populace.

November 2011

A currently excised letter from (Name and Address Withheld) airing a complaint about a disorder prompted responses for and against the disorder from Tem42 (Room 42, Fortitude Foster Home), borgo (still shacking up with the EDB), Clockmaker (Times Square) and ChristineWinter (c/o Mrs. Trellis, Wildshag Cottage, Upper Sheepsbottom Lane, Much-Humpingham-on-Sea).

This was put together by gnarl by user request; as of Nov. 2011, no more summaries are being added to this writeup.

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