Let's Potato Chips are a semi-common brand of potato chips. They come in three flavours: 'Potato Chips', 'Sour Cream & Onion', and 'Bar-B-Que'. They are also entirely fictitious: they are produced as a common film prop by Independent Studio Solutions as one of their many made-up snack foods, to complement their range of other film props, such as weapons and other household items.

Their "filmography" consists of many TV shows, such as Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and The Middle, but they were most prominently recently featured in the TV series Community, where, since the general policy seems to be 'leave no trope un-lampshaded', one of the minor characters performed an in-universe review describing them as "crispy, salty, not too greasy", and, at "$1.79 at Krogers", "definitely a 'buy'".

Despite the obvious parody of Lay's chips, there is some sense of odd nostalgic familiarity to be found in a picture of this bag. Be it because of the subconscious conditioning to this bag design, the humour of such an odd knockoff of such a famous product, or just the want-it-need-it consumerism generated by the sheer volume of advertisement one is flooded by in this modern age, but there are moments when one almost feels like they know the taste and have for years.

A name like "Let's" also seems to imply a great potential for marginally clever advertisement, in and of itself—probably something along the lines of "Let's enjoy snacking together" accompanied by a silent shot of an early 40s mother and her teenage son laughing quietly and snacking on an open bag of Let's, or some related appeal to family bonding. Some imaginary design consultant is raking in major pretend money over landing this huge fake client, Friedo-Let.

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