Two girls on a couch, man off camera talking to them.
Narrator: Did you take that in school?
Audrianna: I wish that was a class. Ass-eating 101?
Mya (with mouth full of ass): Mmmmm.... mm-hmmm.
-- Audriana and Mya at 3:35

Lesbian ass-licking is about as straightforward as it gets -- one woman orally stimulating the anal sphincter of another. Or, if you prefer, three or four or a dozen women configured so as to simultaneously flick tongue on each others' sweet little puckers. Note: personal hygiene is key, here. Often, there is a pair of participants who switch places, so each gets her turn as the licker and the licked; and each at least gives the appearance of relishing both roles. If there is any doubt as to the mutual enjoyment of the participants, this is dispelled by vocalizations such as "oh yeah, lick my ass!! Don't stop!! Tongue-fuck my asshole!!" and corresponding replies of "ooh, your ass tastes so good!! Come in my face!!"

Two lithesome girls sunbathe away their tan lines poolside....
Blonde: Oh, you have such a nice ass.
Brunette: Thank you.
Blonde: You're welcome! (pause, then spontaneously) you mind if I lick it?
Brunette: Yeah, go on.
Lesbian ass-licking commences....
Blonde: Mmmm, yummy!!
-- Random poolside lesbian ass-licking video

Assuming the position:

There appear to be two crash-tested and safety approved positions for maximal success at a lesbian ass-licking adventure. One is the full-access face-down-ass-up, which demands that the lick-receiver raise her anus as high up in the air as it can go without losing contact between the ground and the tripod formed by her knees and forehead. The other position is just the old-fashioned missionary position plus -- the plus being that her ankles are behind her ears. It looks uncomfortable, but at least one video-taped piece of evidence indicates that this position suffices to cause spontaneous C above high C notes when one lithesome lady's posterior is being probed by the proboscis of another. For the record, yes this does require two women, as a man could not possibly elicit quite that response.

There are a few demonstrations out there of a sixty-nine lesbian ass-licking (or mutual assured ass-licking) technique, but this never works out well. Too much of the girly parts are hidden by chins, and the degree of contortion (and not the pleasant kind) done by both or either partners in the effort to reach out and touch someone looks like it just plain overthrows the pleasure of it. But fortunately, it is clear that there is no Biblical prohibition whatsoever against lesbian ass-licking, so the ladies are free to experiment with whatever directionality works the best.

Two suburban girls argue over who gets the remote control, and come up with a way to settle the dispute....
Blonde: Lick all up and down your crack?
Dirty blonde:Mmm... yeah! Yeah, lick it.
-- about 6:10 into the vid

The social meaning of lesbian ass-licking in the first years of this century:

Naturally, this is a very popular activity if the Almighty Internet is to be believed, for a simple Google search for "lesbian ass-licking" (the "safe search" feature turned off, please) delivers delicious dozens of the dainty deed described. So what exactly is the attraction? The human brain is wired to get turned on by things which might lead to reproduction, but here we are no less than three steps removed from the possibility of that happening.

First, this stuff is girl on girl, and it is fairly well established that one girl usually can not impregnate another. This might be the place to offer the concession that the tush-tongueing ladies in these vids are probably only "lesbians" for the camera, and it may be unfair to label as "lesbian" films showing chicks who in reality love dicks taking a paycheck to chow down on fellow fems. But the bigger issue remains, no possibility of reproduction, no reason on the surface why this should be compelling for the target audience of robustly heterosexual men.

Issue number two is that the activity is oral. No change of passing on your precious genes through any activity that passes them into someone's mouth, no matter how hot it is in there. Third, this is also simultaneously anal, again involving a body cavity wherein penetration yields no biological benefit. Granted, of course, that biology has seen fit to bestow on mankind an anal erogenous zone, though the shrieks of delight emitted by the girls stimulated in these vids far outweigh any rise I've ever seen from ass-play alone in real life.

Off-camera narrator: Hey, how are you? Can I lick your ass?
Asian girl:Why, sure!
-- White Chick Loves Asian Ass

The answer to the popularity of this genre lies in the fact that aside from the nonreproductive elements, it involves naked women exposing their genital parts (try filming some ass-licking without also showing those frontal lobes -- even if you could, these directors sure aren't aiming to do that) and there is usually also some stimulation of the vaginica involved, either through a slip of the tongue (hey, it's right there) or a knuckle-ball, or at least co-conspiratorial masturbation. The whole thing is, in the end (no pun intended), about visualization, which is ironically what makes this even better than the real thing.

The male watcher is presented with two attractive women, both of whom appear to be of childbearing age and so may potentially be impregnated by his spurting seed, and no male competition. Hence the truism that men get turned on by lesbians much more than women get turned on by gay men.... And these ladies are both in the thick of sexual activity and therefore primed for mating, and yet nothing is going on to block access to that portal to new life and new civilizations. Heck, a guy could fill that neglected hole without even interrupting the ongoing ass-licking.So, in conclusion.... what the fuck, there's no conclusion for this. It's all been said. Many happy endings for all, and to all a good night.

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