Lemurians are a race of people rumoured to live inside Mount Shasta, a large dormant volcano in Northern California. There are many varying stories about these people and their origins, but most accounts agree that the Lemurians came from an ancient land that was destroyed at the same time as Atlantis. Some of the tales relate that Lemurians migrated to Atlantis, some say that they were on a different continent, and some say that the Lemurians were once Atlanteans.

Today some people, mostly associated with the New Age movement, claim to either be in contact with Lemurians, or actually be Lemurians themselves. By all accounts, these ancient people were a highly evolved race and used ESP, or Extra Sensory Perception to communicate. Physical descriptions of the Lemurians range from them being thought projections and pure energy creatures to a more familiar humanoid look race, although taller and more slender.

My favorite account of Lemurian life describes a test that the race had to complete in order to marry another Lemurian. The couple had to give all their possessions to an elder Lemurian and were then sent into the woods to survive for one month. If they were able to survive and emerge from the woods after that time still feeling positive towards one another, the two were given back their possessions and were able to wed. If however, they failed the test and came back to the elder with negative feelings, their request to be married would be denied. I think that's a pretty effective way of determining who can and can't live with each other.

Many accounts of Lemurians, their origins, their future, and their place in today's society exist. Some are more outrageous and harder to believe than others, but all are interesting, at least to me.

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