Upon first tasting the lemon-lime soda Sierra Mist I knew that it was love at first sip. This product was introduced by Pepsi Cola last year to replace the floundering Slice product line.

After tasting it I was rather impressed with its intense citrus flavor. Soon I was telling friends and relatives to try the new soda. Most people were quick to tell me that it was surely the same as any other lemon lime soda (such as sprite or 7up). I knew this was not true and soon I started boasting that I could pick Sierra Mist in a blind taste test.

Most people just had a good chuckle out of my ranting, but when my girlfriend had heard my claim one to many times she decided to take me up on the challenge. After a quick run to the 7-11 I was presented with three bathroom cups labeled A, B, and C. I was told that one contained Sierra Mist, one Sprite, and one 7up. My in-laws served as the witnesses. My girlfriend was sure that for once she could shut me up with good reason.

Unbeknownst to her, not only was I able to pick the Sierra Mist from the lineup in a quickly fashion, I was able to differentiate between all three sodas!

Home Guide to Winning the Lemon-Lime Soda Blind Taste Test:

1.)Sierra Mist has the most potent citrus flavor of the three. A much more syrup-laden taste.
2.)7up is the most carbonated of the three. The least syrup flavor of all. Much crisper, it is the anti-Sierra Mist.
3.)Sprite falls right in the middle of the first two.

Amaze friends and relatives with your new skill!!!!!

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