Obsolete English name for the Italian city of Livorno (q.v.), and a breed of chicken named after it. The consonant change (g -> v) probably reflects local dialect usage, where today "qu" in standard Italian becomes "v" (quello - vello). The English form became established during the city's time as a major trading port in the pre-railway era.

Note to BelDion: In English, Communes are residential communities based on strongly egalitarian principles, and mostly places where ageing hippies knit their own tofu. For most purposes, it is best to render the Italian word "comune" into English as "city", "local authority", or "municipality".

Leg"horn (?), n.

A straw plaiting used for bonnets and hats, made from the straw of a particular kind of wheat, grown for the purpose in Tuscany, Italy; -- so called from Leghorn, the place of exportation.


© Webster 1913.

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