Layla Yuki is the lead female character in the anime series Legend of Black Heaven.

Layla Yuki is a woman on a mission. Hailing from a spacefaring race, Ms. Yuki has been sent to earth to find Oji Tanaka, lead singer of the band Black Heaven, and convince him by any means necessary to take up his guitar and his music again after a 15 year hiatus.

Layla's fleet, homeplanet and even the earth itself are in danger of being overrun by mysterious enemy forces and only the music of Black Heaven can activate the super weapon her fleet has in their possession.

Ms. Yuki first shows the side of her that is dedicated to the cause, following her "any means necessary" orders to recruit Oji but soon she really is a true fan of Black Heaven and gains sympathy for Oji and the life he lives. In gaining this sympathy, she comes to understand where Rock and Roll truly comes from and how the power of the groove can overcome all.

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