Law & Order: Trial by Jury was the third spin-off of Dick Wolf's Law & Order, focussing on the Order side of the legal system. It premiered mid-season during the 2004-2005 season. NBC chose to cancel the show after one 12-episode season despite fairly good ratings, citing an inability to support 4 Law & Orders after the network's fall in ranking. Others have speculated that the show's poor performance in the 18-49 age range, Friday night timeslot and the death of Jerry Orbach after only a few episodes also contributed to its demise.

The show managed to gather a small, dedicated fan base over its short run. Many still hold out hope for the show's return or, failing that, a DVD release and a chance to see the unaired episode "Eros in the Upper Eighties".

EADA Tracey Kibre - Bebe Neuwirth
ADA Kelly Gaffney - Amy Carlson
DA Investigator Hector Salazar - Kirk Acevedo
DA Arthur Branch - Fred Dalton Thompson
Detective Lennie Briscoe - Jerry Orbach (Episodes 1-2)
Detective Chris Ravell - Scott Cohen (Episodes 3, 5+)

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