Lasqueti Island (49°29'00”, 124°16'00”) is one of the Gulf Islands, located in the Strait of Georgia, 80 km WNW of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is at the southern tip of Texada Island.

The island is 5 km wide and 21 km long, with an area of 73.56 km2. In 2001, the island had a population of 367.

In 1791, Spanish explorers named the island after naval officer Juan Maria Lasqueti. Prior to 1860, the year of the first European settlement, Lasqueti Island was occupied by natives from the Pentlach Band.

There is no hydroelectric grid, and the roads are unpaved, and not frequently used. Indeed, no cars are transported on the ferry. It is local traffic only. Taxi, fuel, and propane services are available, however. Islanders and visitors frequently walk or cycle. The Lasqueti Island ferry, the Centurion VII, is a foot passenger ferry that sails the 17km between French Creek on Vancouver Island and the government dock at False Bay at the northwest point of Lasqueti Island. Crossing takes just under an hour, and it costs $6/adult.

Small boats can be moored at False Bay (Lasqueti Island’s commercial centre) or Squitty Bay. There are also seven points of beach access. A private water taxi service is available, departing from French Creek or Nanoose Bay. This more expensive option could set one out $100 to $150, depending on load, season, and weather. It is also possible to access the island by floatplane or helicopter.

In 2000, 69% of the land was vegetated. There are 13 farms on the island. Agriculture and industry are rather limited, and most commercial operations are run out of residents’ homes. This includes the manufacture of fishing seiners, and clam and oyster farming.

Fifty-three percent of Lasqueti Island’s labour force is self-employed. As residents without a power grid or a bustling local economy, work weeks tend to be short. Things that have to be accounted for are the time spent on the weekly grocery run to Vancouver Island, chopping firewood, and gardening. Electric power is generated through photovoltaic panels, water turbines, and waterwheels.

While the population is quite low, and the one school enrolls only 30 students from kindergarten to grade 12, Statistics Canada identifies it as the most highly educated community in British Columbia. As of 2000, 21% of the population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Professions include poets, artists, physicists, fishers, loggers, tree planters, designers, professional musicians, published authors, small-scale manufacturers, commercial agriculturists, aquaculturists, and consultants in education, engineering, forestry, and alternate energy.

Fun Facts:

Lasqueti Island is part of the Islands Trust Fund, with two trustees.

Lasqueti Island is home to the Lasqueti Mint, a cottage industry which has been striking bullion coins since 1997. It is composed of numismatist Tolling Jennings and goldsmith Ray Lopovsky.

There is a book, published in 1978, called Honey Bear on Lasqueti Island, B.C. It is a compilation of poetry, drawings, photographs, and recipes, written by Robert Sward, and illustrated by Irina Schestakowich.

Lasqueti Island has an economic diversity index of 72. In 2001, unemployment was 5.7%, and 14 criminal offences were committed.

In 2000, average annual income was $15,163, dwelling values were $180,817, and monthly rent was $320.

Land features:

Art Gallery
Church of the Good Shepherd (Anglican)
Crystals & Chamomile gift shop
Faerie Landing Café
False Bay School
Free Store (Oceanside Nanaimo Freecycle program)
Internet Centre
Lasqueti Arts Centre
Lasqueti Island Community cemetery
Lasqueti Island Hotel & Resort
Lasqueti Pub & Restaurant
Lily's Beach Retreat
The Old Bakery Bed and Breakfast
Post Office
Teapot House
Tolling's Jin Shin Do
Tedito's Whole Food Store

Copley Road
Duck Crossing Way
Lake Road
Main Road
Maple Bay Road
Pemberton Road
Teapot Road
Weldon Bay Road

Boho Island
Bull Island
Bunny Island
Circle Island
Finnerty Island
Higgins Island
Jedediah Island
Jelina Island (formerly Ada Island)
Jenkins Island
Jervis Island
Lindbergh Island
Mother Goose Island
Olsen Island
Paul Island
Rabbit Island
Sangster Island
Sheer Island

Fegen Islets
Heath Islet
Larson Islet
Sisters Islets

Douglas Point
Elephant Eye Point
Partington Point
Potter Point
Prowse Point
Wells Point
West Point
Young Point

Jedediah Island Provincial Marine Park (243 ha)
Kwel Sanctuary (21 ha)
Lasqueti Island Ecological Reserve
Sabine Channel Marine Park (95 ha)
Squitty Bay Park (13 ha)

Jeffrey Rock
Poor Mans Rock
Sea Egg Rocks
Tuck Rock

Mount Cook
Mount Kurtzhals
Mount Shepherd
Trematon Mountain (320m)

Avery Reef
Seal Reef
Spanish Cave

Federal electoral district of Nanaimo-Alberni
Provincial electoral district of Nanaimo-Parksville
Powell River Regional District
Powell River Electoral Area E
School district 47
Nanaimo Land District
Nuclear weapon free zone

Water features:

Boho Bay
China Cloud Bay (formerly Mud Bay)
Copley Bay
Deep Bay
False Bay
Graveyard Bay
Home Bay
Long Bay
Old House Bay
Rouse Bay
Scottie Bay
Skerry Bay
Spring Bay
Squitty Bay
Tucker Bay
Windy Bay

Boat Cove
Jenkins Cove
Log Boom Cove
Richardson Cove
Tahini Cove

Bull Passage
Little Bull Passage
Sabine Channel
Stevens Passage
Strait of Georgia
Hadley Creek
Trematon Creek
Richardson Brook

Hadley Lake
Lambert Lake
Ogden Lake
Trematon Lake

Ferry access:
French Creek, British Columbia
Nanoose Bay, British Columbia


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