Today's Laser sailboats have changed little since 1971. There have only been 3 major modifications to the Laser rig.

The Laser Radial Rig was the next iteration of the Laser M. Developed by Hans Fogh to provide more control and performance than the Laser M. Named because the sail was radially cut in which the panels radiate up from the clew towards the luff, rather than being horizontally cut. The area measures 62 square feet, and is more resistant to stretch, especially along the leech. Better than the Laser M, the bottom section of the mast has been shortened and thinned to allow more mast bend.

According to Hans Fogh, the designer:

"With the Radial you can trim the sheet and free the leech and gain better balance as you hike out to keep the boat flat. In 18 knots of wind, a Radial with a lighter person can go upwind faster than with a regular sail, and, in fact, as fast as a heavier person with a full-size rig."

Taken from The Complete Book of Laser Sailing

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