Larry Elmore was the main artist for TSR from 1981 to 1987. Do you remember all of those wonderful drawings and paintings filling the Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks? Well Larry did almost all of them.

Some of Larry's best work appeared in the first printing of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition rulebooks. Every 30th page or so would be dedicated to a full color Larry Elmore work of art. Later on TSR put out a different version of this rulebook without all the wonderful Elmore art. (I am not particularly sure why they did that). Larry is also responsible for the cover art on almost all of the Dragonlance novels. He also dabbled as a cartoonist for a while with the SnarfQuest series, (this ran in Dragon Magazine).

After Larry left TSR he went on to do a lot of freelance work, (comic book covers and video game box art mostly). Finally, he has recently co-authored a book entitled Runes of Autumn.

You can find out more about Larry, (and check out his art) at

The above website is highly recommended. It has high quality scans of much of his work available for viewing (or download).

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