An architecturally interesting open-air shopping center in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru. Larco Mar is across the street from the Marriott hotel in Miraflores and is carved out of the cliffs facing the Pacific Ocean. The food court and main walkways are outdoors, so you can hear the waves breaking as you drink your Pisco Sour or eat a genuine Peruvian Kentucky Fried Chicken Combo #2. If it weren't for the sign or the massive smokestacks protruding from the top of Larco Mar (which don't look at all like smokestacks), you wouldn't even realize that it was there--Larco Mar lies completely beneath the road.

Before descending into the complex, dozens of little kids and old ladies will attempt to sell you cigarettes at prices that are inexplicably higher than those inside the complex.

Worth checking out.

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