Lappkärrsberget (or just Lappis) is a part of northern Stockholm almost exclusively inhabited by students. It is situated close to Stockholm University approximately 5 kilometers from Stockholm City.

Most of the buildings are from the worst architectural period in Swedish history, most of the rooms are small, equally old when it comes to furniture and decoration and most of the kitchens are shared with 5-15 other people. If you're lucky as to have one of the top-floor rooms you'll have a view of the otherwise dazzlingly beautiful Stockholm, but of course the view is most likely to be a red brick wall.

A lot of the exchange students in Stockholm live at Lappis. This makes the area quite noisy, not only in the weekends but whenever normal people feel like studying/sleeping. Every Tuesday at 10 p.m. people open their windows to shout. The reason? Who knows? There are rumours that this tradition dates back to the 70's. Go figure...

The best aspect of this facility may be its proximity to the university, but more importantly KTH. By foot the muddy walk to the university will belate you only five minutes. Being everso more an attractive and enlightened place - the journey to KTH will cost a few more minutes of your time but it will be worth every second of it.

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