Langrisser is a series of Strategy RPGs in Japan, starting on the Sega Megadrive (the Japanese name of the Genesis), there are five proper Langrisser games, each simply numbered with a roman numeral, ie Langrisser III.

The only Langrisser game to see light of day in the US was the original, which was released here as Warsong, for the Sega Genesis.

  • Langrisser I and II were for the Sega Megadrive.
  • Der Langrisser was released on Super Famicom and PC Engine (a 'SuperCD'). I think this was the same as Langrisser II, but I could be wrong. The PC-Engine version contained animations.
  • Langrisser III, IV, and V were for Sega Saturn
  • Langrisser I & II together form "Langrisser Dramatic", for both Playstation and Sega Saturn.
  • Langrisser III & IV were also released on Sony Playstation.
  • Langrisser IV & V were also available together as a special package.
  • Langrisser Tribuite is a special package with all 5 Langrisser games in it.

The Langrisser series are very good games. They have excellent 2D character art (by Satoshi Urushihara), good music (if you like MIDI), great game mechanics, and a decent plot. Langrisser V: The End of the Millenium is an amazing game, and should not be missed by anyone who enjoys strategy/RPGs.

Langrisser Millenium (for Sega Dreamcast) is not really a part of the series. The artwork is done by someone else, and the game is real-time and 3D. It is more like a crappy 3D version of Ogre Battle than a Langrisser game. Do not be fooled by it.

By the way, 'Der Langrisser' is a powerful sword.

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