Sanrio's small raccoon character.

Born December 8, Landry is most frequently found in his washtub. He enjoys listening to music, particularly Mozart, and spends his time with a rubber duckie named Pea, who squeaks if Landry squeezes his beak. Landry has a long tail, as soft as a mink's, with three stripes at the tip. His hobbies include acrobatics with his tub - running and dancing on it. He enjoys doughnuts, sausages, nuts, ice cream, and chocolate. For some reason, Landry washes everything he touches.

Introduced in 1999, Landry appears on a wide range of products in the U.S. and Japan, frequently in the "Landry's House" line. In addition to the duck Pea, he is often shown with a small green frog.

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