"Striking/piercing weapons used by the Eva series mass-production models. Modelled on the Lance of Longinus, their shapes and lengths can change. When penetrating an A.T.Field, the tip splits into two branches and twists through the field. In episode 25', one of these Lances penetrates the A.T.Field of Eva-02 and puts an end to the valiantly fighting Eva unit. Although these Lances cannot be used for Instrumentality (Complementation) involving Lilith, as a weapon they have almost the same ability as the original Lance."

Source: The End of Evangelion : Glossary contained within The End of Evangelion - Theatrical Program.

These Lances feature proximately in the movie The End of Evangelion, in particular during the battle between Eva-02 and the Evangelion Mass-Production Models. That battle is cut short by one of these lances, however it is never made clear which lance it was, or where it came from. The liner notes to the Japanese release of Genesis 0:13 however details step by step the order of Asuka's battle with the MP Evas and eventually shows where the final Lance came from. The following is a reproduction of that list, starting from the first Eva faced, until the last one.

  1. Eva-09 - The Eva taken down by Asuka initially.
  2. Eva-11 - Dispatched with Eva-02's progressive knife.
  3. Eva-07 - Head broken apart with Eva-02's bare hands.
  4. Eva-06 - Taken down by one of the lance copies.
  5. Eva-12 - Was cut in half.
  6. Eva-08 - Had its leg chopped off.
  7. Eva-10 - Spiked by the needle gun in Eva-02's shoulder pauldron.
  8. Eva-05 - Was thrown into the building.
  9. Eva-13 - The final Eva Asuka killed.
From this list the only MP Eva remaining that was not "killed" is Eva-08. Thus it was Eva-08 that threw the Lance at the end that finished Asuka's battle.

Please note that the Lance of Longinus (copy) is a separate entity to the original Lance of Longinus. In fact there are nine separate copies of the original Lance which are wielded by the Evangelion Mass-Production Models. This write-up is not a "copy" of the Lance of Longinus write-up. It instead refers to a separate entity, one which has its own entry in The End of Evangelion : Glossary. The title Lance of Longinus (copy) is a direct translation of the equivalent section in the afore mentioned glossary. These Lances are also known as "Replica Lances" however keeping in for with the original naming of each section I have kept to the direct translation.

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