La Prochaine Fois is the third album by the electronic musician Riz Maslen, who records as Neotropic for the ntone record label.

In recent years Riz has taken an increasing interest in independent films and has even produced the music for "System Noise", a film shown at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival. La Prochaine Fois (the next time) is a soundtrack to her own 40 minute, self-described "ambient road movie" which is conveniently included with the album on a second cd. As a soundtrack, the album is a complete departure from the sound of her previous releases with a more epic, lyrical feeling, standing as more of a unified piece of music than a collection of individual songs.

In La Prochaine Fois, the dark hip hop ambience of her previous works demur to the lighter instrumental sound of guitar, strings, and percussion sculpted together into a very warm and organic album. Featuring collaborators Nick Mcabe of the now defunct Verve, Mike Rowe, keyboardist for both Oasis and Sheryl Crow, and Sally Herbert, who has played strings for the Manic Street Preachers, the album casts off the electronic roots of Neotropic and gives birth to a sound that has been described as "electronic folk music".

Delicious stuff.

Sunflower (Maslen) - 5:20
Cornershop Candy (Izzo/Maslen) - 3:51
Train to Katoomba (Maslen/McCabe) - 3:27
Still (Maslen) - 4:30
Slink (Maslen) - 2:17
The Man Who Catches Clouds (Maslen) - 4:30
Closer to the Sun (Maslen) - 3:58
In Reverse Order (Fredericks/Maslen) - 2:34
Je Suis (Maslen) - 4:59
Rote (Maslen) - 3:16
Micro-Cosmic (Maslen/Parker/Sally/Sparhawk) - 4:53
Money for Old Rope (Maslen) - 3:16
Memories (Maslen/Parker) - 5:08

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