La Honda is a very small town located in the middle of the forest on California Highway 84 between Skyline Blvd. (Highway 35) and Highway 1. The easiest way to get there from most points in the Bay Area is to take the Woodside Road West exit off of 101 or 280 and just keep driving. While it is not hard to get to, it is very isolated. The town consists of nothing more than a few houses, a fire station, a restaurant, a bar, and a small convenience store. There is no school, gas station, or police station anywhere within a 20 mile radius. They do have cable TV however. Despite it being hardly a speck on the map, La Honda is a fairly famous town. As temporar-me mentioned this is Ken Kesey's and the Merry Pranksters home town. The Merry Pranksters Cafe, which Ken Keasy had nothing to do with, continues to thrive off his legacy. It is also home to Applejack's bar.

La Honda is pretty close to my home town of Half Moon Bay and I have a couple friends who live down there, so I go down there fairly often. It is a very scenic area that is perfect for a Sunday drive or bike ride or just taking a walk. If you live in the Bay Area I recommend that you take a drive over there some time.

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