Recent studies show that crime at Los Angeles International Airport has been going down dramatically, particularly in the past few years. Just last year, crime went down nine percent. Now, LAX is considered to be one of the safest airports in the world. The majority of this drop in crime is supposedly because of the airport's personal police force (I've seen their patrol cars and their sides have the emblem "Airport Police" on them with several swirly lines afterwards indicating that they are possibly speedy and efficient). Not only do they have patrol cars encircling the perimeter of the airport, but they also have uniformed officers cruising the interior of the port, both and foot and by bicycle. The bicycle cops are forced to wear those really creepy bicycle shorts.

A quote from one woman who was traveling through the airport:
"I feel more safe like there is... more safer and a more protective environment. Especially for women. Cause women..." she then left.

A quote from an LAX executive guy:
"Well the officers patrolling the airport are not only for the passengers to see and feel more safe but also for the criminals to see and be scared. They usually want easier targets."

My take on this quote:
Well the LAX police are not trying to crack down on crime and punish criminals, but instead are trying to direct crime away from the airport to "easier targets". Here's a diagram:
 ___             _____         _______
/   \           /     \       /       \
|Air | ----->>  |Crime|----->>| Your  |
|port|          |     |       | Homes |
\___/           \_____/       \_______/ 
And I repeat that when they say that LAX has been found to be one of the world's safest airports remember that this is only of the airports that they have contacted that have had year-round crime reports and essentially their own police force. Does anybody remember "Wings"? No police force. No crime reports.

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