life has lead me back to a big black table where i sat next to witchiepoo stencilling big block letters onto shitty manila graph paper in an unsuccessful attempt to "learn art." down around the corner from us sat don klavinger, who looked a lot like a st. bernard and had "master of pupets" written in a poor metallica font on his art folder. witchiepoo and i sat, snickering at the other lame 9th and 10th graders in the class, both of us a little worn around the edges, with bad glasses and unruly hair. i stenciled and i screwed up. my L M N O P turned into L M N O C O P. ten years after, i found my friend again 2000 miles away. i ran to the southwest, and she migrated within the midwest. i saw her, and all of these overripe feelings came back. communion, confirmation, you wrapped my locker, you were the coolest girl i ever met. you still are.

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