The Kottonmouth Kings (or simply KMK) consists of three providing vocals, one beating some drums, another on the turn-tables, and two more that are just there. In total, seven rebel misfits coming from their suburban life's in SoCal to rock the stage.

The Kottonmouth Kings are strictly underground scene, this means they don't receive much if any radio play. This doesn't stop them from packing venues world wide. They got together sometime in 1994; mixing and blending the punk rock and hip-hop sound to make their own unique style with terms like "Rip-Hop" and "Psychedelic Funk" being coined for their music. The songs range from thrasher, perfect mosh pit music, to slow soothing jams containing positive vibes everyone can jam too. The Kottonmouth Kings are advocates of freedom of speech, using it to deliver their lyrical messages about anti-marijuana prohibition and limited Government to those who are en masse.

The group was formed when Brad "Daddy X", D-Loc, and Johnny Richter, came up with the idea in the back of Richter's v-dub van. And at the time Daddy X was working as a special events promoter for premier nightclubs in southern California, this gave the Kings plenty of open doors and an all access pass to all the local hot spots the night life scene of SoCal had to offer. Prior to forming the Kottonmouth Kings, Daddy X was in two other bands, Doggy Style at first and then Humble Gods up until the time KMK was formed. D-Loc and Johnny Richter are the other two vocalists in the group, and grew up childhood friends living close to each other, even playing basketball on their highschool team together. A couple Cd's later Johnny Richter was having second thoughts about making a career in music. Shortly after they started becoming popular Ricther left, and with his spot vacant Saint dog was introduced as Ricther's replacement on Royal Highness. And during this time, the single Suburban Life from the Cd Royal Highness was included in the soundtrack for the movie Scream. A couple years later though it was decided that Richter coming back was best for him and the group, and he's been with them ever since.

This band came to know each other in one way or another before forming, as is the case with many bands. The drummer Lou dog came from the band Humble Gods. He also invented the Drum-trike that he plays during the concert, and claims to have smoked with Eazy-E and Tupac. DJ Bobby B has worked with Tommy Lee, and is their second DJ (the first died in a sky diving accident shooting a Mountain Dew commercial), but has been on every record they have released under their own label Suburban Noize. Then there is, what I guess might be called, two personalities that stoke the crowd and provide entertainment; Tax-man and Pakelika.

Tax-man paints his face pure white with a black line coming down from his hawk and one going across his eyes. He comes out during the faster songs yelling into a megaphone. Pakelika (pawk-a-leek) isn't just a dancer, he's much more. He's the self-proclaimed "visual assassin", and he pop-locks with more popping than locking in a style named "hydro-mechanix". He's a street performer, or at least was a mime in front of Hollywood Wax Museum when KMK was getting together. He now tours with the Kings interacting with the crowd by making poster board signs and then throwing them to fans. Spraying the crowd with beer, and puffing a vaporizer on stage. He's always wearing a mask because it doesn't matter what he looks like, the only thing that matters is what he does, and legend has it he's paid in weed.

Suburban Noize Records and S.R.H. Productions are both companies affiliated with Kottonmouth Kings. With over 20 acts signed with Subnoize, they're a slowly becoming unstoppable force; Subnoize Souljaz, Hed P.E., OPM, Mower, Humble Gods, Last Laugh, and many more are all apart of this growing family. To attract the new and diverse bands to their label they split the profits from records sold, and so on, fifty-fifty with the artists. Most labels take two dollars for every dollar the band makes. The company S.R.H. stands for Supporting Radical Habits, and is a clothing line known for sponsoring extreme sports like: UFC and mixed martial arts, Motocross (including freestyle MX), BMX, surfing, and good old stick flipping.

Although magazines are not a big deal for the band, the Kottonmouth Kings in 2007 captured the cover of High Times and were also featured as High Time's Band of the Year. They have been recognized by other magazines as well, by publications for and against supporting casual marijuana usage; Rolling Stone, All Access, JIVE, Pure Volume, 420, and many more. The magazine covers are not important because the Kottonmouth Kings have been successful through out the years due to a loyal fan base that has been compared to the Grateful Dead. New and old fans keep coming back for every show, but these fans are typically potheads, sorry there are no twirlers.


  1. Stoners Reeking Havoc- 1998, Capital Records

  2. Royal Highness- 1998, Capital Records / Suburban Noize
  3. Hidden Stash- 1999, Suburban Noize Records

  4. High Society- 2000, Capital Records / Suburban Noize Records

  5. Hidden Stash II: Kream of the Krop- 2001, Capital Records / Suburban Noize Records

  6. Rollin' Stoned- 2002, Capital Records / Suburban Noize Records

  7. Classic Hits Live- 2003, Suburban Noize Records

  8. Fire It Up- 2004, Suburban Noize Records

  9. The Kottonmouth Xperience- 2004, Suburban Noize Records

  10. Kottonmouth Kings No. 7- 2005, Suburban Noize Records

  11. Joint Venture- 2005, Suburban Noize Records

  12. Koast II Koast- 2006, Suburban Noize Records

  13. Hidden Stash III- 2006, Suburban Noize Records

  14. Cloud 9- 2007, Suburban Noize Records

  15. The Greatest Highs- 2008, Capital Records / Suburban Noize Records

  16. The Green Album- 2008, Suburban Noize Records

  • Dopeumentary May 8, 2001
  • Stoners Reeking Havoc October 22, 2002
  • Endless Highway August 12, 2003
  • Sub Noize Ratz Video Compilation November 16, 2004
  • 10 Years Deep January 25, 2005
  • The Joint is On Fire February 20, 2007
  • Kottonmouth Kings and High Times Present: Kanabis Kup '06 2007

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