A 16-part multi-timbral digital synthesizer with 32-voice polyphony and a 61-note keyboard. Released in 1990.

After Sequential Circuits went bankrupt and was bought by Yamaha (who also owns Korg), the team behind the Prophet VS was hired to create a new improved vector synth.

The Wavestation uses advanced vector synthesis for sound generation, with 24-bit digital processing and 19-bit DAC.
Much like the VS, the sounds are created by assigning four preset waveforms to the oscillators and mixing them together. But the Wavestation goes further by allowing the user to cross-fade up to 255 waves in all four oscillators, calling the technique "wave sequencing". It is also possible to use external audio as the oscillator source. Roland D-50 -style attack transients were left out of the Prophet, but made their way into the WS.
Each voice features a separate (non-resonant) low-pass filter, LFO, amplifier envelope and panning. Six onboard digital effects can be used simultaneously, with 47 preset programs available.

365 20-bit samples are stored as the waveforms in the internal ROM, The machine can hold 150 performances, 105 patches, 96 wave sequences and 1500 wave sequencing steps. The capacity can be expanded by using PCM cards.
The keyboard is velocity and aftertouch sensitive, allowing Up to eight patches can be split and layered.
Other features include an advanced MIDI implementation (with syncing of wave sequences) plus the usual pitch/modulation wheels and pedal support.

100(w) x 11(h) x 36(d) cm
12.5 kg

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