A 6-voice polyphonic digital/analog hybrid synthesizer with a 61-note keyboard. Released in 1982, and often compared to the Yamaha DX7.

The Poly-61 features 2 DCOs per voice. Available waveforms for DCO1 are pulse, sawtooth and square, while DCO2 only features the last two. As the filter there is a resonant low-pass VCF. An ADSR envelope generator (the SSM 2056) is available on the VCA, but unfortunately shares the same envelope with the filter. A very simple sine-only LFO is also included.

Other features include a latchable arpeggiator and chord memory (which is actually just a unison mode). 64 patches can be stored in the Poly-61:s memory, with extra storage available by using the unit's tape interface. There is no MIDI, but the Poly-61M model released later features it.

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