A 48-voice polyphonic semi-modular analog synthesizer with a 48-note remote keyboard. Released in 1977.

The PS-3300 is essentially 3 PS-3110s stacked together, with a built-in mixer and a remote keyboard. The three sections combined offer the user an insane amount of 144 synth circuits, with 3 independent VCFs, VCAs and EGs for each note! The VCOs are said to be divide-down like with the rest of the PS series, though.

Programming possibilities for the PS-3300 are very flexible, thanks to the patchable routings and multiple total modulation modules allowing effects like glide and glissando to be used. Sample/Hold is also included, but like the 3100 there is no patch memory. The VCO circuitry is regarded as exceptionally stable.

According to some sources, only 50 units were manufactured. Because of this and PS-3300's outstanding features, it is one of the most sought after vintage synths out there, with asking prices going over $2000.

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