A 48-voice polyphonic semi-modular analog synthesizer with a 48-note remote keyboard. Released in 1978, it was the last unit of the PS line.

The PS-3200 is basicially two PS-3100s together, with a 16-unit patch memory and extra mixer/balance/EQ modules. There are 2 VCOs per voice, each of them having their own VCF and LFO.
The 3200's programming features aren't as flexible as the 3300's, thanks to a limited patch bay. Also the EG design is still very limited.

Famous users of the PS-3200 include Jean Michel Jarre and Hans Zimmer.

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Synthesizer Unit
Signal Generator 1
temperament adjust x 12
waveform (triangle, sawtooth, PWM, PW)
scale (16' - 2')
scale modulation input, PWM input

Signal Generator 2
temperament adjust x 12
waveform (triangle, sawtooth, PWM, PW, off)
scale (16' - 2')
fine tuning (±100 cents)
external FM intensity
FM input, scale modulation input, PWM input

SG 1 + 2
total tuning (±100 Cents) PWM speed, PWM intensity
internal FM intensity
external FM switch
external FM reverse switch
external FM intensity
FM Input

Dynamic Low-Pass Filters
cut-off frequency
keyboard filter balance
internal fcM intensity
external fcM switch
external fcM intensity
fcM input

Envelope Modifiers
attack time, decay time, sustain level, release time
A.T control input, release switch input

125, 250, 500, 1 k, 2 k, 4 k, 8 k/Hz

Total Signal Modifiers
keyboard volume balance
AM intensity (0-200%)
ensemble depth
preset volume
VCA-1 control input
VCA-2 Control Switch

clock frequency
synchro switch
clock indicator
S/H input, S/H output, trigger input, clock output

Modulation Generator 1 (LFO)
waveform (triangle, sawtooth down, sawtooth up, square, pink noise, white noise)
frequency, frequency indicator
frequency control input, MG-1 output

Modulation VCA
modulation balance (S/H — MG-1)
VCA control input

Modulation Generator 2 (sawtooth)
frequency, frequency indicator
MG-2 output

General Envelope Generator
delay time, attack time, release time
auto switch
trigger inputs x 2, envelope outputs x 3

Voltage Processors x 2
limiter A, limiter B
VP-2 onput selector
voltage inputs x 2, controller inputs x 2, VP output

Adding Amplifiers
level 1, 2
input 1, 2
AA output, AA reverse output

direct, headphone, final

Signal Output
direct, headphone, final

Junctions (3 x 2)

Programmer Unit
memory protection switch
battery indicator, backup battery case

Remote Control
program select
remote jacks x 8, 60P jack

Impedance (input)
digital input 1 kOhms
analog input 10 kOhms

Impedance (output)
modulation signal output 1 kOhms
signal output 2.5 kOhms
headphone output 200 Ohms

60P jack (keyboard)
power switch
power connector
power selector (100V/117V/220V/240V)

Dimensions & Weight
920mm (W) x 445mm (H) x 345mm (D)

patch cords (50cm x 4, 1m x 2)
connection cord
AC cord (3m)

Power Consumption
voltage (local voltage, 50/60Hz)
memory protection = dry battery (AM-3 x 2, 3V)
wattage (75W)

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