A 6-voice polyphonic analog/digital hybrid synthesizer with a 61-note keyboard. Released in 1984, it was the first synth from Korg to combine digital oscillators with analog filters.

The DW-6000 features 2 DCOs per voice, with 8 sampled waveforms. One of the oscillators is detuneable and has programmable interval.
As a filter there is a resonant low-pass VCF. Both the VCF and the VCA have separate ADBSSR envelope generators. An LFO is also included.

Apart from the polyphony, the DW-6000 can also be set to a monophonic mode to play all 6 voices simultaneously. The patch memory offers 64 presets which are all user programmable. Editing the parameters is done via a single slider.
They 61-key keyboard offers no velocity or aftertouch sensitivity. Full MIDI support is available.

The synth was soon made obsolete by the much improved DW-8000 model.

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