A brazen Mariokart clone for the Gameboy Advance, known in Japan as Konami Wai Wai Racing Advance. Choose from 8 Konami characters (mainly taken from Goemon and Parodius) and enter a series of Grand Prix tournaments. Basically, everything in Mariokart is recreated with different graphics (most of the powerups, characters and tracks have direct equivalents - even the controls are the same).

It plays very similarly to Mariokart Advance, with some slight variations: KKR seems faster, the handling is more 'twitchy', the 3D routine offers a bit more freedom, and there are more (usually sprite-based) effects, such as reflections and particles. On the downside, the graphics and animation are not quite as clear and polished as Mariokart's.

I personally prefer Mariokart (and not just because I own it! :) - it is better suited to the GBA screen. However, both games are excellent implementations of the same idea.

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