A form of vampiric magic from the Vampire: The Masquerade role-playing game. Rare, strange, alien, frightening -- these adjectives describe the ancient arts of Koldunic sorcery well. The hallmark of the elders of Clan Tzimisce, Koldunism is a magical art quite different from the thaumaturgy of Clan Tremere or the necromancy of Clan Giovanni. It derives from ancient animistic religions, and deals with elementals and spirits rather than the imposition of Will upon the Universe (as with, say, thaumaturgy). Koldunic sorcery has five paths (in the style of thaumaturgy and necromancy), one for each of the traditional elements -- fire, earth, air, water and spirit. These are usually referred to as "ways" -- Fire Ways, Water Ways, et cetera. There are numerous rituals associated with Koldunic sorcery as well.

It is said that the bond that members of the Tzimisce clan have with their home soil has something to do with a pact that ancient Kolduns made with the spirits of their Transylvanian homeland -- one that bound the Tzimisce irrevocably with their home, flourishing when it flourishes and decaying when it dies.

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