Kinzua Bridge State Park is located in McKean County in Northwest Pennsylvania. The main attraction to the 316 acre park is the Kinzua Viaduct.

In August 1963 Governor William B. Scranton signed a bill which approved the purchase of the Kinzua Bridge thus founding Kinzua Bridge State Park. The bridge was purchased from Nick Kovalchick, a scrap metal dealer. Kovalchick had purchased it in 1959 from the Erie Railroad.

The Kinzua Viaduct and the surrounding area became Kinzua Bridge State Park. The park officially opened in 1970. Since the park's inception very little has been done to the bridge. As a result the bridge has been closed until repairs are completed.

The park is a popular place to view the fall foliage which peaks from early to mid October. There is an observation deck near the bridge which affords a view of the Kinzua Valley as well as the bridge. Kinzua Creek is a cold water fishery which is stocked with trout throughout the year.

The park is open to hunting and trapping when in season. There are deer, bear, turkey and other small game. Hunting is not permitted from the bridge. Dog training is allowed after Labor Day until March 31.

Tent camping is available for up to 150 people. There is a hiking trail and a picnic area with a pavilion. It is not a big park but there are plenty of attractions nearby. One of these is the Knox and Kane Railroad which offers train junkets to the Kinzua Bridge.

Boarding the train at the park is not available. You can take round trips to the park from Kane, PA and Marienville, PA.

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