A great restaurant in Woolloomooloo in Sydney, Australia. It is situated in a new refurbishment of what used to be a really dodgy area of Sydney. Located on a wharf which used to house all sorts of nefarious goods. And for the last 30 years, the site has sat empty, a big waste of space. Lately though, it has been totally refurbished and is now a haute-cuisine restaurant area, and hotel etc etc. A great place to go because it looks out over the waters of Sydney Harbour and on to the Botanical Gardens and Mrs Macquarie's Chair, along with the local marina.

Kingsley's is the favourite restaurant of me and one of my ex-girlfriends. Not just a steakhouse. Not just a crabhouse. A steak and crabhouse.

For entree we had lamb chippolatas (spiced sausages cooked with chili) and chili beef and corriander wontons (small parcels of stuffing wrapped in filo pastry and deep fried). Yum.

Following up, for the main course had the most scrumptious steaks - my better half had a filet mignon with garlic butter and a baked potato, and I had New York cut steak topped with King prawns with a side serving of bernaise sauce. And a green salad to share.

Drinks for the main meal was a gorgeous red wine - smooth, mellow and infinitely drinkable... and orange juice and water as necessary.

Dessert consisted of a sinful chocolate mousse cake with Kahlua liqueur.

The meal all up cost a very respectable AUD$113 - given the atmosphere and sheer class of the place, very reasonable.

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