Warning : This node contains rather large spoilers for both of the above games.



Being a rather prolific console gamer, I played through both Kingdom Hearts and Starfox Adventures this year. Both were good games, but I noticed some uncanny similarities between them. The paragraph below is a basic comparison between the two, with game-specific names in (Starfox/Kingdom Hearts) brackets.

The story starts when our hero, (Fox/Sora) is inadvertently sent to a world (Dinosaur Planet/Traverse Town) that he didn't know existed, inhabited by several species different from his own, which is currently being menaced by a new group of enemies from a different world (the sharpclaw tribe/the heartless). Here, he quickly finds a magical weapon (staff/keyblade) and meets his sidekick(s) (Tricky/Donald & Goofy) after saving them in a fight. The fighting system is active combat, which involves (Fox/Sora) repeatedly hitting nearby enemies with his (staff/keyblade) while the CPU controls the sidekick(s) who can be commanded to attack with one button press, as well as casting spells using the (Staff/Keyblade). The hero has to save the (world/universe) by traveling to floating landmasses nearby and performing an action that would be impossible without his magic weapon (entering spellstone shrines/sealing worlds). In order to get to these other floating landmasses, the hero has to fly there in his (Arwing/Gummi Ship) by playing a trackshooter-style minigame. Aside from saving the (world/galaxy), one of the hero's main objectives is saving a girl held captive by the enemy (Krystal/Kairi) who is unconcious for 2/3rds of the game. When you reach the end, the final boss is revealed to be somebody unexpected (Andross/Ansem) and a minor character mentioned once early in the game shows up just in time to save the day (Falco/Mickey Mouse). During the ending, the hero gets to see the girl again, but only briefly. The (world/universe) is saved, but if you do everything possible in the game, it's possible to see a (secret ending/message) that hints at a sequel. (Starfox Adventures/Kingdom Hearts) was a joint effort between (Rareware/Squaresoft) and (Nintendo/Disney).

There are probably a few more, but I'm too tired to think of them right now. Feel free to /msg me if you've got something to add.

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