King's Corner Chess is the same as traditional chess, but with the following differences:
  • The King is placed at the lower right corner, and the other non-pawn pieces are randomly placed on the bottom row.  The pawns are placed, as usual, in the upper row.
  • Each player sees his or her own pieces in the same order, left to right, along the bottom rank. The pieces do not mirror each other.  That is, each player has the same random bottom row sequence from left to right from their point of view.
  • One bishop is placed on each color square (one on black and one on white, but the actual positioning is random beyond that).
  • No castling.
A good strategy is to attack your opponent's King as soon as you can, since the setup is random and it is hard to recognize weaknesses in your opponent's position. Standard chess opening theory also applies: take control of the center of the board, and develop your minor pieces first.  Don't be too quick to use your Queen or Rooks.

Because the pieces start in random positions, you will have to devise your own strategy for developing your minor pieces, and then your Queen and Rooks. If you can effectively mobilize your pieces sooner than your opponent, you will have a temporary advantage, even if you and your opponent are even in captured pieces. This temporary advantage might be enough to win the game.

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